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In the end, the basic principle is the same: Your voice gets the green light, while the background noise is stopped at the door.

I know that in Windows 7, you could go to sound in control panel and then go to enhancements and check a glorious little box, however enhancements is not there in Windows 8.Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Headset Noise Reduction Earphone Earpiece With Mic.

A Homemade Wind Noise Reduction Solution for Camcorders As an average home movie maker one of the most common problems you will face is that of achieving a reasonable level of audio quality especially with regards to reducing wind noise in your outdoor shots.Logitech G430 Headset picking up background noise over my voice.

There is a way to lessen the noise in Skype voice chats and video calls.

With noise reduction software it is a case of picking your poison.

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When i got home we decided to test the PC built in Cam and Mic, and i noticed right away an annoying background static noise.

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Simply positioning your talent so their back faces the wind can do wonders to protect the mic.

Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Headset Noise Reduction

Well, you could go out and buy a better quality microphone (which you should probably do), or you could do a quick trick to make Audacity remove all of the unwanted white noise that regularly shows up on your tracks during recording.Redesigned earcups and extra padding in the headband offer a snug, comfortable fit.

How to Remove White Noise from Audio in Audacity

In almost any application related to sound capture and audio communication, the microphone not only picks up the signal of interest, but also picks up other audio sources, such as wind noise, that lower the quality of the.Microphone Noise Reduction enhances speech communications by reducing background noise and increasing the SNR of speech.

The higher this goes the more your actual audio (such as voices) will be affected.

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This software is free to use, and is capable of audio noise reduction.