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All you need to do is to burn this audio file to CD or load it onto your iPod.

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No connections to the TV or battery installation to the adapter.The cassette tape was the dominant music format through most of my childhood.The MP3 cassette device replaces the tape with another head which creates a magnetic field equal to that which the tape might output.

The only way you could playback your 8mm video cassette is through an 8mm camcorder or an 8mm video player.

The first read-along books I had as a kid were on cassette tape.Ideas like a new style rear mech and chain retention on the chainring were interesting, but there was one.

Play your digital music over your car cassette stereo system with the CPA-9C Car Cassette Adapter by Sony.Today, with iPods that can hold entire music collections and cell phones that stream music from the Internet, the lowly cassette seems like an anachronism.

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With the Besdata universal car cassette player adapter, all of the music stored on your iPod, iPhone, Android phone, or MP3 player is just a click away.I actually had to combine the left and right channel wires from the cassette adapter because there was only one output speaker for the Bluetooth adapter.

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The deckedOUT simply slides into your cassette player, while pluggin the 3.5mm into your phone.

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The deckedOUT is the perfect universal cassette adapter for vehicles that do not have Bluetooth, or AUX options.

The Call Cassette is a hands-free calling and music cassette adaptor for your phone.This device looks like a cassette taped with a headphone cord that you are going to connect at both ends.Now whether you are going down the block or cross-country, you will have plenty of music for the whole trip with this adapter.Set your store and be able to check inventory and pick up at your local store.

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